Possibly a photo of Ballybrack House, located beside the village Ballinagh, County Cavan
It was thought to belong to Walter Thomas Hinds (Barrister of Ballinagh) and it appears to fit the description of the two-story home Walter resided in as head of household in the 1820 census. One wonders, if it is Corrakane, if it is the same house lived in by his father Walter Hinds Barrister of Corrakane and great grandfather Water Hinds (1703-1777) of Corrakane. Members of his Hinds family, and likely Walter himself at least some of the time, lived there until 1880 when Walter Hinds, or his estate, sold it to George Graham who lived at Ballybrack House until 1911 when he sold the farm (100) acres) and house to a Smith man. In 1993 the house was owned by a McKenna man who farmed it but didn't reside there. Ballybrack House was two-storied over a basement. It was still intact in 1993, but was covered with ivy. It is thought to have dated back to the early 17th century and was lived in up to the 1950s or 1960s. A note that accompanied the linked photograph identified the house in the picture as the home of James Hinds in 1921 and it is not known whether the picture is actually of Ballybrack or of another Hinds family home