A Heaton Family photo at the home of William N. and Lucy Heaton - Des Moines, Iowa, 19 Jan 1903
On the porch beginning on the right: Fred Heaton Hunter, Mary Ankeny (Mrs. F.H.) Hunter, Emma Conger,
Lucy Willis (Mrs. W.N.) Heaton, Miss Kreigh, Mary Heaton, Louisa A. Shove (Mrs. Crayton Hall) Conger
On upper step: George Heaton, Sr., Jane Willis (Mrs. George Sr.) Heaton,
Mary Ann Marker (Mrs. Henry) Heaton, Henry Heaton
On next lower step, from the right: Unknown lady, Emaline (Heaton) Lilley, and another unknown lady
The children from the right: Leland Hunter, Josephine Hunter, Donald Hunter
On ground beginning at the right: Alice Conger (Mrs. Guy) Hunter, Guy Hunter, Hazel Conger,
Elizabeth Conger, A. Duane Heaton, Roy H. Heaton
Hal Heaton was in some of the shots taken that day, but is not in this one and William Naylor Heaton is missing also