Tiverton, Newport County, Rhode Island

Tiverton was incorporated by English colonists in 1694 as part of the Province of Massachusetts Bay and was in Bristol County, Massachusetts when that county was formed on 2 June 1685. In 1746, in the final settlement of a long colonial boundary dispute between Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Tiverton was annexed to Rhode Island by Royal Decree (together with its fellow towns along the eastern shore of Narragansett Bay, Barrington, Bristol and Little Compton, and the town of Cumberland, to the north of Providence). Tiverton was incorporated as a town of Rhode Island in 1747. Until that year, Tiverton also controlled the area of East Freetown, Massachusetts, as an outpost. The boundary settlement of 1746 had put East Freetown in Massachusetts, and in 1747 it was purchased by Freetown and remains in Massachusetts. Tiverton is now a town in Newport County, Rhode Island.