A Small Collection of Maps

This page is intended to offer a selection of maps of the places pertinent to our Brick Wall families. Clicking on one of the links below will open a page showing a thumbnail sample of the map or maps available in that category. Selecting a specific map will lead directly to the page in the collection where that map, with a larger image, is featured.


Bolton Project Maps

  • Plymouth Colony Map, 1620-1685
    Plymouth Colony was founded in 1620 by a group of people who later came to be known as the "Pilgrims". Plymouth County was formed 02-Jun-1685 when Plymouth Colony was divided into three counties: Plymouth, Bristol and Barnstable. Plymouth County is bounded by Norfolk County on the north, Barnstable County and Buzzards Bay on the south, Cape Cod Bay on the east, and Bristol County on the west.

  • Original Proprietors of the Bridgewater Settlement in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, c1645-1656
    A hand drawn map, author unidentified, showing the lands of the Original Proprietors of the Bridgewater Settlement in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, c1645-1656

  • Old Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, about 1680-1730
    A hand drawn map, author unidentified, of Old Bridgewater and identifying the lands of the Perkins family and their neighbors, 1680-1730. Note two identified errors: 1.*The reference for John Bolton junr (m. 1751) is incorrect. This land-owning John Bolton Jr. was also known as Ensign John Bolton (1685-1755) and married Ruth Hooper in 1710 and 2.*The second error, below the first, references John Bolton Jr.'s father, John Bolton (c1660-1721) who married Sarah Chesebrough in 1683 and was the first Bolton to settle in Bridgewater. Just to make it more confusing, a later John Bolton "Jr." was the son of Elisha Bolton, married Elizabeth Hayward in 1751 and is not believed to have owned any land before his death at age 32 in 1762.

  • South Precinct, Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, c1716-1746
    A hand drawn map, author unidentified, of the Second Precinct of Bridgewater incorporated June 1, 1716 and called the South Parish, indicating the early highways and paths and the dwelling places of the settlers, at the date of incorporation of the Precinct and before the Census of 1746.

  • East Parish, Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, c1723
    A hand drawn map, author unidentified, of the East Parish of Bridgewater founded from Old Bridgewater on December 14, 1723, the Meeting House raised March 14, 1720 and officially incorporated in 1823; the map also includes West Bridgewater, first settled in 1651 from Old Bridgewater and officially incorporated in 1822. The dwelling houses of some of the landowners are identified, c1723.

  • Map pertinent to Nicholas Boulton and his Descendants
    Nicholas Boulton the Immigrant was the ancestor to almost all of the Boltons found to be living in  the counties of Plymouth, Bristol, Suffolk and Norfolk in Massachusetts during our targeted time period

Heaton Project Map

Hinds Project Map

  • The Lands of Whitehill in County Longford, 1832
    Whitehill was owned by members of the extended Slator family in County Longford, Ireland for many generations. This survey map was prepared in 1832 and its original has a place of honor on a wall in the home of our cousin, Michael Walsh, who lives in Wales. With a major thank you to Michael, we present our first Hinds project map.